About UsEVRO Inc

Evurodog ™ is in the bussiness of dog pet/ owner relationship. We provide retractable dog leash systems hardware to dog sitting software companies like Rover.com and Wag to enhance dog walking. We do that through tech design gadgets like the evurodog ecoleash: which uses paper lining insert to automatically scoop and auto seal dog poop from any surfaces.

The evurodog ecoleash system is the first of many design solutions that make dog walkers appear concerned about environmental policies on dog poop pollution. Disease prevention from E.Coli infestations when walking a strangers dog through rover.com, wag or evurodogwalk is part of our details.

Clean air and fresh grass allow for energized dog pets in the yard or recreational parks. We aim at eliminating the plastics packaged dog poop culture and replace with degradable paper scooping technology.

Our paper is designed to disintegrate from its lattice enthalpy towards the positive change in entropy within 12 hours. It means breaks apart in half a day. This decay is not wasted. It is backed by a high tech PH balanced trash can that converts the paper and content into almost ashes for the easier removal through vacuum and safer transport to pet food farms for fertilizer

What We Do

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