Our culture or philosophy at Evuro inc is simple and straight forward. Nothing as extravagant as a narrative from Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore on climate change. Climate change in your backyard is more effective than melting glaciers. Poll With 100% recycled quilting paper technology close to the P&G bounty towel, Evuro paper has enhanced low bonding starch adhesive that dissolves in water with time. Insert a pair in the Evurodog Ecoleash and push the open/close button as it suits your need. Auto scoop and auto seal dog poop on any hard surface that allows physical pressure such as pavement, sand or soil, grass and gravels where the sensor will register to close automatically and scoop for you. The user does not touch the nasty fresh warm poop in a flimsy grocery bad or the misleading dog plastic brands circulating. 

What We Do

They will have to make the best of things its an uphill climb