Please go walk me

You love dog walking and dog sitting. Maybe perhaps cat sitting. You are the equivalent of a dog whisperer or just a big fan of man’s best friend. Or owner. Whatever you do please walk the dog. It is good for exercise and good bonding. OK so you are in your way to circle the block and pick up Starbucks coffee. Nature calls the dog. He she sniffs and approve of the tree or grass or gravel and hopefully not the pavement. And decides it is a perfect to release the bowels. Huge large digested from last night. Now you have a job to do. To keep the surroundings clean. Use evurodog eco leash system. EVURO dog ecoleash eliminates the disgust of having to touch the warm nasty dog poop through a film of plastic. All you have to do is place it on the poop and push a button and there you have it. Sealed in a degradable paper lining.


What We Do

They will have to make the best of things its an uphill climb