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Made for dogwalkers

Portable and integrated (leash/scooper)

EVURO Dog leash brands currently has the ‘Blue Water market share’ with dog walkers. We aim to provide clean kit to the increasing on-demand dog walking & sitting agencies, to make their Public Image tasteful: providing dogs friendship with humans while owners or house mates are working, it is you the dogwalker to provide the joy, rewards and also take risk. It is a vital role in the dogs day.

Dog walkers help dogs stretch their legs, releasing the bowels off the previous protein-rich nutrients and most importantly have them stay active.

EVURO ecoleash is an integrated dog leash and poop bag dispenser that would automatically scoop and seal and musk the odor. When you engage with the upgraded electronic evuroecoleash for professional dog walkers, your next gig buzz and light to alert you through the EVURODOGWALK APP, download from APP store and connect with the rest of the EVURO Club community.

We also aim to help persons walking more than five dogs a day track their steps. Be encouraged and switch from conventional leash to evuroecoleash to experience multifunction in one hand, this defines modern dog.

Quality Speak For Themselves!

4500 +
Buddy Dogs
Scoops in a Month
North America Pets Home

Certified Products

For the serious dog walkers

EVURO consumer pet products are meant to be premium quality & sporty gears for out doors!

  • Leash
  • Scooper
  • Dog Tags
  • Cleaning products
  • Sanitizer
  • Backpack
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